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Finishing Line Press, 2014

Ebihara’s poems give us back the past in a way we cannot see when are young. From the exquisite geometry of a moth caught in a spider’s web to the memories that will speak for her—the names of children or the shadow of a cherry tree—Ebihara shows us how to excavate what we could not wholly understand and to mourn what we could not fully mourn. From this we make our lives.
— Priscilla Orr, author of Losing the Horizon


Finishing Line Press, 2019

The poems in A Reminder of Hunger and Wings convey stillness, as in the quietude of nature, but they also whisper “still” as in persistence. Ebihara’s poems remind us that all light may be “a slice of winter light,” that “morning comes anyway” even though “sometimes this/is how/a love poem/ends.” But what persists most urgently is Ebihara’s voice reminding us that sometimes poems, like dreams, “simply point/to the place where a path/used to be.”
— R.G. Evans, author of Overtipping the Ferryman


Kelsay Books, 2021

Jane Ebihara has written an exquisite book of poetry, one filled with both a poignant nostalgia and determined, open-hearted anticipation. We are invited into memories of the poet's childhood and childbirth, hard reckonings with widowhood and loss. Loved ones appear under her insightful eye through changing seasons of the year and of her own life. While regrets are acknowledged, so are the saving powers of the pen and words. These are moving, beautifully rendered poems that will stay with you long after the book is closed. 

- Donna Baier Stein, publisher of Tiferet Journal

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