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Jane Ebihara


a sampling 

"Questions For  Fujiko," Adanna Literary Journal, 2012
"On a Park Bench," The Stillwater Review, 2013
"Stop Me Before I Write Another Poem About Regret." U.S.1 Worksheets, 2013
"The Day After You Died," Dandelion Review, 2016
"Dying in Autumn" and "Morning Still," Tiferet Journal, 2017
"Life Still," Tiferet Journal, 2018
" Tai Chi For Seniors," Red River Book of Haibun, 2019
"In Training," Lips, 2019
"Abundance," Exit 13 Magazine, 2020
"Driving Home in the Rain," Paterson Literary Review, 2021

"The Milk House," The Doll Collection (Terrapin Books), 2016
"Lesson From the Moon" and "Night Walk," Voices From Here, 2017
"Last Kiss," A Constellation of Kisses (Terrapin Books), 2019
"Battle for the Magnolia," On the Verge (Poets of the Palisades III), 2020



Poems read by the poet, music by Robert Langenburg, pianist and composer. CDs available from the poet.

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